Directed by Faith Rund
Assistant Director Jack Knittle
A Perilous Night for Riding, written by Faith Rund, is a quirky, comedic, and dramatic mystery. A stranger is riding through town one night when it begins to storm. He seeks refuge in a mansion owned by the wealthy Hughes family. Things take a turn for the worst when the eldest daughter is kidnapped. The story gets more intense when somebody is murdered. The stranger finds himself stuck in a mansion with a kidnapper, a murderer, and a family full of secrets. 
An MTA premier! Playwright, Faith Rund, directs the premier production of her original murder mystery, comedy, A Perilous Night for Riding. The Monticello High School Thespians will perform this original play at MTA January 5th and 6th at 7:30pm. Be sure to attend the premier production, and SAVE YOUR PROGRAM! You will be able to say, "I saw it first at MTA!"
Ticket sales will be shared with the MHS Thespians Club for new sound equipment at the high school. 

Cast Of Characters

Piper King
Norman J. Sims
Nick Wolter
Payne Nowlin
Minnie Griffin
Isabel Pellum
Danielle Cafin
Pearl Hughes
Maggie Schlabach
Sophie Rund
Aiden Olsen
Etta Hughes
Haley Baker
Clara Hughes
Annie Clifton
Chester Hughes
Preston Nowlin
Abby King
Blake Johnson
Police Officers 
Grace Burnsmier
  Mackenzie Daniels

Backstage Magicians

Stage Managers
Grace Bailey
Olivia Bales 
Stage Crew
Brandun Burton
Sarah Hissong
Ben Keating 
Claire Keating 
Kendall McFarlin
Kat Primmer
Lewis Smith
Nick Timmons
Macy Vogt
Maya Kaczor
Grace Bailey
Kaitlyn Heistand