This Saturday the MTA production of Dial "M" for Murder will open at 7:30. Director Leonard Rumery (last year's Harvey director) says that his cast is great and includes some actors who are new to MTA. The cast includes Chris Harris, Chelsea Mueller, Les Schulte, Craig Alexander, Jeremy Boehme, and Vontay Marshall. The producers are Dustin and Kaitlin Yocum, and the costumes are by Barb Lintner. We know you will want to see this famous thriller about a murder plan gone very wrong. Dial "M" for Murder is not recommended for children under 12 because of one brief violent scene. Tickets are $12.50 and if you have a ticket and want to see it twice, you can attend the open dress rehearsal on Friday, May 12. "But you have to promise to come back to a full performance," said Rumery.
Rehearsal for Dial M for Murder

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