Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Written by Judy Blume

Directed by Lana Ross

Produced by Kari Hall Keating

Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing is a children’s book by Judy Blume. The MTA will present an adaptation by Bruce Mason based on the book on February 20 and 21, 2016. The story follows Peter Hatcher, a 4th grader, and the trials he suffers with his 3 year old brother, Fudge. Anyone who knows the book remembers the episode involving the turtle, Dribble, and his untimely demise. Fudge is a bother, a pain, a trial and an outright danger! Peter has to suffer them all. The play is great mid-winter entertainment for the entire family. The children will identify with the sibling conflict and rivalry. Many parents will remember the book from their childhood. Peter and Fudge are real kids involved in real situations resulting in real laughter.

The Cast

  • Peter - Jacob Brocksmith
  • Mom - Tracy Wiltgen
  • Dad - John Tolly
  • Fudge - Betsy Hendrix
  • Mr. Yarby - Gil Yohnka
  • Mrs. Yarby - Becky Terhark
  • Jimmy Fargo - Ed Mitchell
  • Sheila Tubman - Leta Burch
  • Jennie - Alison Wiltgen
  • Ralph - Madi Tabor
  • Sam - Rachel Koon
  • Mary - Kendall Merriman
  • Nurse - Madi Tabor
  • Dr. Brown - Leslie Mitchell
  • Mr. Berman - Gil Yohnka
  • Janet - Grace Burnsmier
  • First Mother - Madi Tabor
  • Second Mother - Kendall Merriman
  • Murray - Rachel Koon
  • Mr. Vincent - Scott Burnsmier
  • Ms. Denberg - Leslie Mitchell
  • Cameraman - Madi Tabor
  • Dr. Cone - Leslie Mitchell
  • Ambulance Drs. - Kendall/Alison