MTA 2019 Comedy Showcase Lineup

An Evening on the Porch” by Dave Young 
Cast: Chelsea Mueller and Jeremy Boehme
Directed by Chelsea Ehrhardt
What’s my Motivation” by Dave Young
Cast: Ted Nowlin, Josiah Zielke, Steve Wadleigh & Nicki Grubaugh
Directed by Gil Yohnka
The Digital Age Gap” by Shawn Becker   
Cast: John Knittle, Jack Knittle & Carl Sebens
Directed by John Knittle
Intelligent Life” by Shawn Becker         
Cast: Jeremy Boehme, Chelsea Mueller, Gil Yohnka & Todd Black

Directed by Dustin Yocum
Selfie in the Dark” by Maria Burnham    
Cast: Marisa Winegar & Chelsea Mueller
Directed by Marisa Winegar
Philosophical Questions” by Todd Black                  
Cast: Jeremy Boehme & Josiah Zielke
Directed by Gil Yohnka
Vice is Nice” by David Laker 
Cast: Maya Hammond, Wesley Bennett & David Laker
Directed by David Laker
The Blind Date” by Dustin Yocum                            
Cast: Jeremy Boehme, Chelsea Mueller, Todd Black & Nicki Grubaugh
Directed by Dustin Yocum