Pasta, Passion and Pistols

November, 2006 – MAEF FUNDRAISER
Directed by Lana Ross
A two-act murder mystery performed for the benefit if the Monticello Area Education Foundation by the Monticello Theatre Association at the Allerton Mansion in November of 2006.  Underworld crime figure Papa Roni is dead by a single gunshot.  Was it his jealous brother Pepi Roni?  Was it his cheating wife Mama Rosa?  Perhaps his money-hungry daughter Angel, or his nere-do-well bowling son Marco did him in.  Maybe it was Pepi’s two-timing wife Tiara Misu, or even Angel’s ambitious French boyfriend Beau Jolais.  The audience voted on who they thought the killer was.  Did you get it right?  The real winners were the MAEF which raised lots of money for it’s charity and the MTA for revitalizing their ranks.

Production Photos